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IoTool by SenLab

SenLab is an innovative high-tech startup from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a developer of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the field of Smart City, Smart Building & Home Automation, Industrial 4.0, Transport & Logistics & Surveillance, Heath and Senior Care. SenLab’s key team has more than 50 years of experience with smartphone development and holds multi-awards for their IoTool – a smartphone IoT Gateway, API and Cloud solution.

IoTool helps connect IoT devices via any interface to a smartphone or Raspberry Pi. The collected data is encrypted, stored, displayed, processed and synced to the Cloud (IoTool servers with user’s full access or other IoT platforms, like IBM Watson). An IoTool API helps developers make a customized solution in a fraction of the time and cost that is usually needed.

Among other IoT related tasks IoTool can be used as a smartphone crowd sensing platform in smart cities or prototyping (testing) IoT platform.