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Pancreum – The CoreMD

The CoreMD provides a wireless communication and power infrastructure for replaceable wearable medical devices. These devices could perform a variety of functions such as sense body conditions (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, fetus activity, interstitial glucose, and more), alert the user that a certain threshold has been reached, and/or even inject sub-cutaneously delivered drugs (insulin, glucagon, amylin, vasopressors, and others). It is currently being used in the Pancreum Genesis artificial pancreas system, made up of the CoreMD, an insulin pump module, a continuous glucose monitor module and a glucagon pump module.

The CoreMD has a high-performance 32-bit CPU, making it smarter than other wearable devices in the diabetes management field. It is Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy-enabled, so it’s not necessary to carry an outdated, button-driven, hand-held controller, like current diabetes management devices in the market. You may use your own Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile or Blackberry smartphone. A second CPU in the CoreMD double-checks all functions being performed by the main CPU (such as insulin delivery), providing a leading-edge safety system.

The CoreMD is NOT disposable and contains a rechargeable coin-cell battery, so no electronic boards and batteries are thrown away every three days. This means, for example, that its attached replaceable insulin pump only contains the reservoir and the mechanisms to insert the cannula and deliver insulin.This replaceable insulin pump will be smaller and more affordable.