Smart Weights by Diesel Dogs LLC


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Smart Weights by Diesel Dogs LLC

This product is revolutionizing weight training through the innovative combination of Bluetooth low energy technology and high accuracy motion sensors. While maintaining the look and feel of standard weight lifting equipment, Smart Weights provide the user with the ability to: automatically log and track repetitions, sets, resistance levels, duration, and form; defi ne custom exercises and routines; and upload workout summaries to social networking sites.

At the center of the Smart Weights design is a core module that consists of a low energy Bluetooth transceiver, a microprocessor, and motion sensors. The small size of the components and the low power requirements of the system results in a compact core module. This allows for it to be integrated into various free weight equipment, such as: standard dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and barbells.
An application that runs on a smart phone, tablet or other Bluetooth Smart Ready device interfaces with the core module of the Smart Weight to provide various features, including:

  • Predefined or User-specifi ed Exercise Plan
  • Form Monitored for Each Exercise
  • Automatic Tracking / Uploading of Workout