Smart Festival Wristbands by Sendrato


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Smart Festival Wristbands by Sendrato

Sendrato is a hard- and software company that designs and builds wireless wearable technology for enabling the Internet Of Things and People.

The Sendrato Smart Festival Wristband enables full wireless bi-directional connectivity with and between all visitors of very large events. Our product includes entertainment value by supporting two RGB LEDs that can be controlled by commodity Light Table equipment. By exploiting the bi-directional communication feature we support near real-time tracking of visitor location for crowd control purposes as well as visitor profiling. Social features,
enabled by a single button, include “Likes” and Friend Connect between two wristbands.

Besides the active RF radio, a passive RFID chip is included. This chip is integrated with the microcontroller of the wristband to leverage the energy harvesting capability of the RFID chip to wake up the wristband. In addition,
the RFID chip supports access control and cashless payments.

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