Hall of Fame


Tech4Race, founded on the 1st of july 2016 in Rennes (France), designs, develops and markets a GPS tracking solution, specifically for outdoor sports events. It offers real-time live tracking by geolocating all the event participants.

The solution is both innovative and disruptive: it is the only one to allow real-time monitoring of all participants, whatever the duration of the event and for any type of sport practiced outdoors.

Our solution consists of two elements: a communicating GPS tracker and online tracking interfaces.

Our key innovation: our GPS tracker dedicated to sport, the lightest device with the longest battery life on the market!

Tech4Race is changing the way we experience, share, comment on, and manage outdoor sports events. Our solution addresses the challenges organizers and other stakeholders (timekeepers, volunteers, medical staff, sponsors, spectators, etc.) face in having a clear, understandable picture of the progress of sporting events.