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    Around 270 Million football players and coaches worldwide do not have access to objective performance data. TRACKTICS, a startup from Frankfurt (Germany), is about to change that. Since 2004 the team around the two fouders, Ben Bruder and Patrick Haas, is working on the project. The performance- tracker of TRACKTICS allows every football
    player to meassure their athletic performance on the pitch.

    TRACKTICS provides information concerning the most relevant athletic data of football players, e.g.:
    – Activity and distance
    »»Overview of the overall activity during the game
    »»Total time on the pitch
    »»Distance covered during the game

    – Speed zones and sprints
    »»Maximum speed
    »»Number of sprints
    »»Classification of the speed: running, walking and inactive
    »»Differing between progressive sprints, sprints in the direction of the game and sprints against the direction of the game

    – Tactical behaviour
    »»Offensive and defensive behaviour