M2M Enabling New Ways to Use Consumer Electronics

Two weeks left to submit an innovative solution to the M2M Challenge

Consumer electronics, one of the most profitable technology markets, is not only about having connectivity, but about redefining connectivity, especially with regards to M2M communication.

Today, the most commonly used consumer devices including GSM chips are e-readers and personal navigation devices (PNDs). Amazon offers free WiFi and 3G connectivity, this way Kindle customers can buy and download new books wherever and whenever. Smart watches, activity trackers, and glasses are also part of this trend; after all they are all only as smart as their connection to a smartphone. All big players are announcing and launching new gadgets – and there is no end in sight.

At last year’s M2M Challenge, QGate introduced a wall plug that connects living spaces and electrical devices to the internet. This way, users can monitor and control their electronics at home remotely from their smartphone. It features several sensors to detect changes in lighting, temperature, monitor energy consumption etc.

A totally different approach to M2M comes from Durex. Earlier this year the condom manufacturer announced Fundawear – the name actually says it all. The vibrating underwear connects to a smartphone app which allows users to control the vibration with their phone – or pair the underwear with their partner’s phone who then controls the vibration (and the fun).

Though, is it still M2M communication if underpants communicate with bras? Or does it belong into another sector? The boundaries are definitely blurring more and more. But this is exactly the kind of innovation the M2M Challenge – the world’s biggest M2M competition – is seeking: until November 30, 2013 developers can submit their solution free of charge (www.m2m-challenge.com) and demonstrate the huge innovation potential in machine-to-machine communication.

In addition to Consumer Electronics & More the M2M Challenge has the categories Mobility, Healthcare, Security, and Energy. All entries will be evaluated by an international team of experts; the winner will be awarded at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2014.

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