The Digital Cluster is legally recognized as an Innovative Companies Association (AEI), and supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the Catalan Government, consisting of ca. 60 members with diverse profiles (multinational companies, SMEs, universities, research centres and laboratories as well as public institutions) located in the Barcelona region. The Digital Cluster was created as a meeting place and a network for start-ups, SMEs, large firms, and other entities to drive the competitiveness of the Catalan ICT sector, thereby emphasising a new business culture based on collaboration and open innovation. It is a social network model based on the strength of the interactions between ICT companies, thereby generating synergies, knowledge, and projects among them. The main objectives are the following:Generate business; Help to conduct projects and increase the turnover of adhered companies; Facilitate access to relationship networks; Foster the culture of competitiveness; Promote the improvement of professional competencies; and Streamline information flows.