Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highlyscalable and reliable infrastructure. Computing, storage and application services for your web, mobile and backend solutions. – Build on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for Gmail users. – Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system administration. Google manages your application, database and storage servers. – Virtual machines. Managed platform. Blob storage. Block storage. NoSQL datastore. MySQL database. Big Data analytics. Google Cloud Platform has all the services your application architecture needs. – Applications hosted on Cloud Platform can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use. – Every millisecond of latency matters. Google’s compute infrastructure gives you consistent CPU, memory and disk performance. – With Google’s worldwide community of users, partner ecosystem and premium support packages, Google provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow.