14th of August 2018 – Technology is changing businesses and people’s lives and these tech heads are about to shake the markets upside down! Tech corporates be aware! The 20 most innovative and market ready TECH START-UPS of 2018 have been chosen as the finalists by international jury experts and will reveal their products and solutions live on the main stage of StartupCon on September 18th 2018.

StartupCon, the innovation-driven network based in Cologne with more than 10,000 attendees, and the global Innovation World Cup® Series joined forces to find the most promising technological innovations that contribute in the various sectors such as Industrial, Transport, City, Home, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Sports and Finance. The TECH START-UP 2018 Award is part of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® competition that helps techpreneurs to bring their ideas to new markets and connect to market leading companies.

These companies (below in alphabetical order) and their solutions are the ones to keep a look out in 2018 and invest in:

  1. audEERING Gmbh (Germany): AudEERING emotional and social AI technology
  2. BrighTap (Israel): BrighTap
  3. CollectAI (Germany): CollectAI
  4. eMovements GmbH (Germany): Ello Der elektrische Rollator
  5. GreenPocket GmbH (Germany): Energy Intelligence Platform for Smart Meter Data
  6. gridscale GmbH (Germany): Taking cloud computing to the next level
  7. i1BOX GmbH (Germany): i1BOX
  8. LORIOT (Switzerland): LORIOT
  9. Optinvent (France): ORA-X
  10. PAIR Finance GmbH (Germany): Technological Debt Collection
  11. SEP Solutions Oy (Finland): Onni Care Platform for other baby brands
  12. Shipcloud GmbH (Germany): Shipcloud
  13. SmartyPans Inc. (USA): SmartyPans
  14. UG (Germany): Smoke testing of websites
  15. Tip Crop (United Kingdom): Tip Crop Oasis
  16. TRACKTICS (Germany): TRACKTICS Football-Performance-Device
  17. Uniberry GmbH (Germany): Cido – Come in and drop off
  18. UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions GmbH (Germany): ESCALITE – the palpable solution against germs
  19. Vilisto GmbH (Germany): The AI solution to Europe’s Office Energy Consumption Problem
  20. Wanderwatch (Netherlands): Wanderwatch

It will be possible to connect with these techpreneurs at StartupCon on September 18th 2018 when the Pitch & Award Ceremony will take place at 3:00 pm on the main stage at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne (DE). As these technological innovations will radically change everyone’s lives, also the public has a say in who will become the winner of the TECH START-UP 2018! For online voting, go to:

To know how it feels to be in these companies’ shoes and tap into the free opportunities, join the TECH START-UP 2019 and become part of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®! For many, the Innovation World Cup® is the reason their innovation is visible to those who make a difference! More information and registration at:


Behind the scenes – the Innovation World Cup® Series           

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® is part of Innovation World Cup® Series, the largest open innovation platform worldwide that supports breakthrough innovations to become reality.

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® was initiated by Navispace AG in 2003. Current partners include STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, Gemalto, Würth Elektronik, LoRa Alliance™, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery, and Cicor Group. A panel of industry experts selects the most promising solutions based on criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability. Participation is free of charge.

Further partners include StartupCon, WT | Wearable Technologies, Kickstarter, CSEM, AlpICT, ACCIO, Business OULU, G2 Startups, Gate Garching, Wolves Summit, Medical Valley, UnternehmerTUM, Team Côte D’Azur, French Côte D’Azur, Innovative City, Innovability, CENSIS, MEDICA, InnMind, ISPO, Polar Bear Pitching, MIT Enterprise Forum Poland, Technoport, THINGS Stockholm, Munich Startup, Engerati, InfoShare, IFJ, IT2Industry, Paris Region Entreprises, Disruptive Week Milan, GZDN, INN.KUBATOR, TechBBQ, TAITRA, Hong Kong Science, Technology Park, Government of Canada, Cluster Digital, IOT Business News, and many more.

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