Keeping your finger on the pulse with Mio Global

Mio Global is a cutting edge wearable technologies firm that has developed heart rate monitoring technology, including devices such as wristbands and watches. The company recently introduced Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Technology into its next generation of Mio wearable products. PAI captures the wearer’s heart rate and displays it directly on the wrist band. It […]

Pancreum goes from Strength to Strength

Pancreum.Inc is a medical device company that is currently developing an innovative disease management system. This system is designed to address numerous chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, with an affordable, multi-drug delivery platform. CoreMD controls various disposable sensors that communicate with each other wirelessly and the device has a unique modular design, allowing the […]

World leading technology Qylatron is now on Levi’s Stadium

Qylur Intelligent system recently announced a long-term collaboration with Levi’s Stadium. The Qylatron, from Qylur Intelligent System will be used at a wide range of events like sports, music concerts and other self-service entry systems including services like ticket-taking and bag security screening and also create a new value proposition for the venue’s brand. The […]

Soon mass logistics will rely on Wearable Gloves

It will not take long until it will be unthinkable to manage and control large scale logistics without the help of smart gloves. New state-of-the-art-technology of the Industry 4.0 now provides a disruptive solution to make this possible. Read the impressive success story of ProGlove that now optimises the massive logistics of Škoda in the […]

The Next Disruptive Smartwatch?

Ever wondered about what will be the next game changing product on the smartwatch market? Omate recently announced their new standalone smartwatch with carbon fiber bezel powered by Android. And this just may be it! The product is called Omate Rise and features Android 5.1 Lollipop, 3G compatible with US and EU regulations, GPS, Wi-Fi, […]

Wearable Technologies – The real stars of Olmypia 2016

Winners and finalists of the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup are breaking records in Rio! The biggest event in sports is running right now and countries from all over the world are looking for medals and cheering for their athletes in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. What you might not see at first […]