The future of City and Retail transformed by IoT

There is a growing need for cities to be technologically well equipped. It is the least to say, that a city’s wellness is evaluated by the technological facilities it anchors. The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2018 City category covers smart solutions, right from management of public affairs that boosts performance till improving the efficiency of resource utilization. There is a great deal of benefits in integrating IoT solutions to cities and making them smarter! But what does it mean to make a city smarter? Have a look at the following solutions by our IoT finalists who are battling it out to win the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2018 in Barcelona and become the most innovative breakthrough in making cities smarter.

According to CityTaps nearly 1 billion urban people live without running water at home and pay a triple tax on poverty: on their time, money and health. Meanwhile, water utilities in the developing world lose over $300B a year due to inefficient billing, collection and delinquency management systems, as well as water leaks. Their solution CTSuite helps to bring running water to every home in the developing world, finding one of the biggest breakthroughs in payment for water utilization, simultaneously enabling the utility service providers to record better cash flows.

It is also becoming extremely important to capture air quality in real time, with the alarming amounts of air pollution and its detrimental effects. Hawa Dawa has been able to provide just that, with its state of the art calibration methods. With external data like weather, topology, city geometry, traffic, satellite data and others, their software can create predictions even without installing sensors.

Loriot, offers network infrastructure to setup, operate and maintain a radio network, integrate sensors and communicate with them over a secure connection. Their vision to bring IoT to every corner of the globe and transform people’s lives for the better is very commendable.

Digimondo GmbH brings to light a practical problem that is poised against almost every city: the difficulty to access ducts and shortage of workforce to inspect the underground ducts on a regular basis. They have devised Shaft monitor, a real-time monitoring solution to this problem. Their innovative solution helps to spot pipe damage early on by analyzing the water level and temperature.

As the cities are becoming smarter, so are the industries. Technology has and is anchoring the retail experience to higher levels as the days pass by. The Internet of Things has changed the retail landscape, both for the consumers and the businesses. The top IoT solutions in the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2018 for changing the Retail industry are:

Dor’s foot traffic analytics is an innovative IoT solution for retailers. It helps them to understand foot traffic and equips them with tools to measure marketing effectiveness, optimize staffing and quantify conversion. They are already helping 1000s of retailers and facility managers to optimize their operations.

Post Home Button by Post CH AG is changing the whole dimension of a customer UI by simplifying it for both the retailer and the customer. This device enables Swiss post customers to order the home delivery service with a touch of a button. With very no setup required, the device is ready to use and promises to be hassle-free.

Sensor Smart Kitchens by CM Systems LLC is a temperature/ humidity sensor. This solution promises to reduce food and resource wastage and the risks of foodborne illness. With exorbitant amounts of costs at stake and excessive wastage, a common problem in the perishable food retail industry, this solution might be very useful in transforming the scenario.

Toposens 3D ultrasound sensor for smart buildings by Toposens GmbH is a 3D sensor based on ultrasound. It is a robust, affordable and small sized solution, which allows any machine or system to perceive its surrounding in 3D. In retail, to be able to capture your surrounding in 3D could be put to use in various ways including monitoring the customer flows.

With these vibrant companies ready to pitch their IoT solutions for a better City and Retail experiences, we are eagerly waiting for the official Pitch & Award Ceremony of the IoT Innovators! Join us at the Mobile World Congress on February 27th to see who will win the award and network with these exciting companies and IoT experts!

More information about the event here.

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