Experiences transform your life! But what transforms those experiences? Here is what!

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18 contributes to recognizing the talent out there that has potential to enhance people’s homes, improve their lifestyle and advance the existing healthcare! 32 finalists were chosen out of 940 contestants as the most innovative solutions that have the power to change our lives. Here is a sneak peek at the companies in categories Home & Lifestyle and Healthcare that will pitch on stage in Barcelona on February 27th 2018.

As living is transforming from obligatory routines to enjoyable experiences, solutions that enrich those experiences and increase the quality of lifestyle are taking living to a whole new level. Companies need to provide innovative IoT solutions that transform a normal lifestyle into a smart and connected one. There were many exciting entries for the Home & Lifestyle categories and those who beat the rest to make it to the best are:

Al Bicchiere by beexlab srl is a smart dispenser with IoT functions for wine in a bag, with a mobile app and an e-commerce platform. This gives birth to new distribution channels, with potential integration with new technologies.

Smart Lamp by Luke Roberts GmbH is a smart design to enable you to move the light in any direction without moving the lamp. The lamp is made smart through this design, as it can learn from your behavior and move accordingly based on usage, time of the day and surrounding light.

Tip Crop Oasis by Tip Crop is a smart solution to forgo the dependency on changing natural environment conditions whilst growing plants. It is a modular food computer design to grow fresh microgreens, mushrooms, and medicinal plants in an easy, fun and enriching way.

evaSMART™ by Evapolar Ltd. is a smart personal air conditioner. This device demonstrates an individual approach to cooling that is unique and creates a better environment in places needed the most.

This sub-ecosystem of living experience involves use of various sophisticated technologies, as the need be. However, not all sophisticated technologies, including the advice of an expert, can be always available to all. Therefore a growing demand exists for remote health and monitoring systems, as well as the need to share health and wellness data.

The category healthcare invites participants to provide innovative solutions to current trends in healthcare, using IoT, to make it simple for those who access it and solutions to transform the healthcare ecosystem into a well-connected one. Given the fact that healthcare is a “need” and not a “want”, it is going to be exciting to see who edges out the rest of the finalists and emerge victorious.Those who made it to finals in this category, with their innovative solutions to healthcare are:

Aladin – the magic connected lamp by DOMALYS is a smart lamp with a genie inside, that helps keep the elderly safe and at home. To be able to keep our elders in good health and safe is a herculean task, but to do it smart is always desirable.

Smart-Cot by Nachshon, is designed to detect risk factor in infants under 1 year old. Nurturing a child, in today’s world, is very scary. To be able to provide the right care, every development of the child has to be monitored. This smart solution promises to enable anxiety free parenting in the future.

Also StethoMe™ by StethoMe™ helps one check their health. It is a wireless stethoscope that promises to enable independent and accurate examination at home. It does not stop with mere examination but also helps create a medical history, for the perusal of doctors and experts.

We Save by Adan Medical Innovation, is an IoT box for anaphylaxis management (severe allergic reactions) in public areas. This solution promises to serve the purpose of reducing deaths due to anaphylaxis. The boxes are connected to the Adan Medical Innovation facility that monitors the conditions of the boxes and auto-injectors.

An intelligent solution to a dire problem is the need of the hour and the finalists have done just that. Despite coming with very strong and innovative solutions to enriching the homes, lifestyles, and healthcare of people, there can be only one winner in this category. There is a very thin line, that separates the winner, visible only to our commendable Jury members. We will have to wait and see who bags the award for this category.

Be sure to join us on February 27th at the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18 Pitch and Award Ceremony at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and connect with these exciting companies together with the leading tech players, investors and other IoT experts.

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