10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup Pitch & Award Ceremony 2019 BARCELONA


    10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup Pitch & Award Ceremony 2019 BARCELONA

    February 26, 2019

    Barcelona, Spain

    Join us at 4YFN Barcelona on the 26th of February 2019 and see who of the 10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® IoT game changers will pitch their way to the top.

    Where: AGORA Stage – 4YFN, Hall 8, Fira Montjuïc Av. Reina Maria Cristina, 08004 Barcelona (Spain) – How To Get There

    When: 26 February 2019 at 6:00 PM

    The top Catalan IoT start-ups and the top 20 IoT finalists of the 10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®, the world-leading competition in the areas of IoT and wearable technologies, are ready to rock the stage at 4YFN.

    They are coming from New Zealand, United States, Germany, Spain and beyond to demonstrate how their solutions are revolutionizing the Healthcare, Industrial, City, Agriculture, and Transport Industries.

    Who will win the jury prize?

    What will happen on stage:

    6:00 PMWelcome and Introduction by ACCIó
    Catalan IoT Innovators Pitches
    How Football Academies are Using Virtual Reality Platform to Accelerate Decision on Field
    SoccerDream – Andreu Bartolí (Co-Founder & CEO)
    Sensing Mat Platform for a Seamless Pressure Pattern Analytics
    SensingTex – Miquel Ridao (CEO)
    MJN-SERAS – Next Step for Seizure Prediction
    MJN Neuroservices – Jordina Arcal (International Affairs Manager)
    Watersens –  Lorawan Smart Water Control
    Aonchip – Josh Morris (Business Director)
     10th Innovation World Cup® IoT Finalist Pitches
    IoT Interoperability, Security, FOTA & Device Management
    IOTEROP (France) – Hatem Oueslati (Co-Founder & CEO)
    TapNLink – Enabling & Securing Human-Machine Interactions in the IIoT
    IoTize (France) – Steve Gussenhoven (Marketing & Communications Manager)
    Leveraging IoT Technology to Tackle Food Waste
    KITRO (Switzerland) – Anastasia Hofmann (Co-Founder)
    Nowi – Enabling IoT Devices to Live Forever
    Nowi (The Netherlands) – Simon van der Jagt (CEO)
    Shayp – Reducing Water Consumption in Cities by 30%
    Shayp (Belgium) – Alexandre McCormack (CEO)
    TOTEMI – a Complete Solution to Create Unique Urban Experiences
    Totemi (Switzerland) – Stoyan Gern (Co-Founder)
    Vilisto – The AI Solution to Europe’s Office Energy Consumption Problem
    Vilisto (Germany) – Christoph Berger (CEO)
    VISN – Smart Space Management for Smart Offices
    VISN (Germany) – Hendrik Geiger (Head of Product)
    Transport, Lifestyle & Retail
    RoboHeart – Use Every RC Toy for AR Gaming
    Augmented Robotics (Germany) – Tony Nitschke (CEO)
    Enabling Food Quality Insight
    Axino Solutions (Switzerland) – Dario Capolongo (Director Strategic Sales)
    AcuTrack – the Next Generation of IoT for Retail
    DaVinci Industries (United States) – Anthony Valiulis (Founder & CEO)
    Enhancing Urban Mobility With Our Ultra-Light and Foldable Electric Vehicle
    UrmO (Germany) – Sebastian Signer (Founder & Managing Director)
    Italian Design Meets Smart Home
    IOTTY (Italy) – Jeroen Staphorst (Sales Director)
    The Business Model of Environmental Sensor Analytics
    WeavAir (Canada) – Natalia Mykhaylova (CEO)
    IoT Tackles River Pollution at Lower Costs
    KotahiNet (New Zealand) – Vikram Kumar (Founder)
    Real-time Soil Analysis – Enabled Through Sensor Fusion and AI
    Stenon (Germany) – Dominic Roth (Co-Founder & CEO)
    Internet of Outdoor Things for Agriculture
    Vinduino LLC (United States) – Reinier van der Lee (Founder & CEO)
    7:00 PM10th Innovation World Cup® Award Ceremony
    7:10 PMNetworking and Get-Together


    Moderators: Áurea Rodríguez, ACCIÓ (Innovation Director) & Christian Stammel, Navispace & WT|Wearable Technologies (CEO)

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    See you in Barcelona!