Innovation World Cup® @Alpha Wolves


Innovation World Cup® @Alpha Wolves

April 7, 2022

Start-ups check out your corporate-readiness level and capture how to scale up your IoT business successfully!

On 7-8 April 2022, our partners and friends from Wolves Summit are hosting Alpha Wolves, an exclusive 2-day hybrid forum connecting top tier decision-makers from PE/VC funds and high-growth scale-ups to develop close business relationships and scale in Central Eastern Europe. 

On day 1 of the event, 7 April, 15:00 – 15:40 CET: Scale-up Day, the Innovation World Cup® will step in with an insightful panel talk on corporate and start-up collaboration.

Corporate Readiness – What does it mean and how do start-ups get there?

Startups begin their businesses with great ideas. However, the majority of them face multiple showstoppers to turn their innovative ideas into marketable products. In order to scale up, collaboration with corporates can facilitate the growth journey in many ways. When is a startup ready to collaborate with corporates and when is a corporate ready to collaborate with startups?

In this panel session, tech corporates and scale-ups will unveil their ways on successful collaboration – from joint pilot projects to corporate investment.


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Find out more on the Alpha Wolves website.