Innovation World Cup® at StartupCon Digital


Innovation World Cup® at StartupCon Digital

December 17, 2020



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The Innovation World Cup® join hands with StartupCon Digital for a unique virtual investor pitch on 17 December 2020.

Business angels, tech leaders, and investors! Are you eager to meet the most ground-breaking start-ups in the Healthcare, Internet of Things and Smart Construction, PropTech fields?

Join us at StartupCon Digital on 17 December 2020, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm CET with insightful talks and pitches with tech-savvy masterminds and state-of-the-art techpreneurs.


  • 11.00 am
StartupCon Digital Opening
Ralf Brüstle, Co-Founder, StartupCon
  • 11.05 am
Keynote “Covid Threat or Thrill”
Jörg Binnenbrücker, Founding Partner, Capnemic Ventures
  • 11.15 am
HealthCare Pitches
moderated by Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Partner, Innovation World Cup® Series – Navispace GmbH

diafyt Guide – Fun despite diabetes
Thomas Wuttke, Founder, diafyt MedTech (Germany)

inContAlert – Regain control for neurogenic bladder dysfunction people
Jannik Lockl
, CEO & Co-Founder, inContAlert (Germany)

NeoRhythm – Breakthrough in brain science
Marko Kadunc, CEO & Co-Founder, MDCN Technologies, Inc., (Slovenia)

MYLEG – A non-invasive sensory feedback to improve MobilitY and to promote cognitive prosthesis integration in people with LEG amputation
Giacomo Valle, Neural Engineer, MYLEG/ETH Zürich

OutSense your gut feeling
Yfat Scialom
, CEO, Outsense, (Israel)

K’Watch -The first Continuous Glucose Monitoring in a smartwatch
Minh Le
, General Manager & Co-Founder, PKvitality (France)

RBknee™ – Decision supporting tool for automatic identification of osteoarthritis
Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Co-Founder & COO, Radiobotics (Denmark)

  • 12:15 pm
Keynote “How to build a global successful tech company and grow it to become a Unicorn!”
Julian Riedlbauer, Expert M&A, GP Bullhound
  • 12.45 pm
Smart Construction Pitches
moderated by Ralf Brüstle, Co-Founder, StartupCon

aurivus AI
Dr. Stefan Hörmann, CEO & Co-Founder, aurivus (Germany)

Jonas Habel, CEO & Co-Founder, Flexxter (Germany)

Framence – Photorealistic digital twin for building and technical facilities
Sebastian Schrenk, Key Account Manager, Framence(Germany)

Liftbot – Assemble the future
Artem Kuchukov, CEO & Co-Founder, Kewazo (Germany)

Jonas Stamm
, CEO, Molteo (Germany)

Rysta – Plug & Play platform for smart buildings
Julia Gebert, CEO, Rysta (Germany)

Voxelgrid – Automated space measurement & material recognition
Christian Wetzel, CEO, Voxelgrid (Germany)

  • 01.45 pm
Fabian Ewenz, Venture Development Manager, BitStone Capital
  • 02:00 pm
IoT & Tech Pitches
moderated by Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Partner, Innovation World Cup® Series – Navispace GmbH

3d Signals – Plug & Play factory digitalization
Danya Golan, VP of Marketing, 3dSignals (Israel)

Agranimo – Soil sensors for farmers and fruit producers
Nikita Gulin, CEO & Co-Founder, Agranimo (Germany)

BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells
Dr. Marie Berthuel, Senior Scientist & Communication Manager, BeFC (France)

Ecolumiere IoT lighting devices
Dr. Flavio Ghirardi, CEO, Neodelis (Italy)

Forest capsule for early forest fire detection
Zafer Cigdem, Project Manager, NetOP (The Netherlands)

ARHUB Smart home security and automation
Natalya Lopareva, CEO, ARHUB by Security Alarms & Co. (Switzerland)

Sensoneo – Smart Waste Management
Andrea Basilova, Head of Business Development & Co-Founder, Sensoneo (Slovakia)

Wello – Connected and solar urban vehicle
Arnaud Chereau, CEO & Co-Founder, Wello (France)

  • 03:00 pm
Final Remarks
Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Parnter, Innovation World Cup Series – Navispace GmbH & Ralf Brüstle, Co-Founder, StartupCon


Get ready for your journey to the tech future, extend network with international tech masterminds and boost your innovation to the top together.