Innovation World Cup® @HANNOVER MESSE


Innovation World Cup® @HANNOVER MESSE

April 19, 2023


Meet the Top18 Techpreneurs 2023 in the finals of the 14th Innovation World Cup®️ at HANNOVER MESSE on 19 April, 16:00–18:00 CET!

The submission round of the 14th Innovation World Cup® was a blast! +400 submissions from +65 contries submitted their solutions that shake the future of the Industrial, Energy, Mobility and Security category. The Innovation World Cup®, the world’s leading competition for IoT, Wearable and DeepTech start-ups & scale-ups, is welcoming international techpreneurs to make their innovations visible to the world and create valuable business connections.

The Top18 Techprenurs 2023 will present in the official pitch & award ceremony at HANNOVER MESSE (Hanover), the world’s leading fair for industrial transformation, with 6.500 exhibitors and 200.000 visitors, on April 19, 2023, at 16:00 – 18:00 CET, Hall 8, Stand D17 at the Industry 4.0 Conference Stage.

At 16:00 CET, we will start with the welcome and introduction from the moderator, Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Partner of Navispace.

From 16:05–17:40, the pitches of the Top18 will take place in the order of the categories and alphabetic order:


  • Feelit technologies, CTO Meital Segev-Bar, Israel: Non-intrusive predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment.
  • Robco, CEO & Founder Roman Hölzl, Germany: All-in-one robot solution that takes over many work steps in production.
  • Sensemore, CEO & Co-Founder Çağlar Aksu, Turkey: Identification of machinery malfunctions months in advance.


  • Green Tech Innovations, CEO David CHQUIRY, France: Connected solar streetlamp with energy management that provides lighting, energy and additional IoT functions.
  • ClearVUE.Business, Director of Energy Services, Dan Smith, United Kingdom (also EBV Innovation Hero Finalist): Empowering Businesses to Achieve Net Zero Goals and Fight Climate Change
  • Wattando, Managing Director & Co-Founder Boris Klebensberger, Germany: Modular energy management solution


  • Charging Robotics, CEO Hovav Gilan, Israel (also ST Industrial Innovation Challenge Finalist): Robotic system for high efficiency wireless charging of electric vehicles in public parking lots.
  • NAiSE, Marketing and Communications Manager Olga Staka, Germany: Traffic management solution for safe and efficient intralogistics.
  • Swiss Ocean Tech, Managing Director & Founder Thomas Frizlen, Switzerland: AnchorGuardia safe anchor providing predictions and triggering immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy.


  • Akidaia, CEO Gaël LEDEDANTEC, France: Offline identification system to manage and control secure access.
  • Staex, CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, Germany: Web 3.0 machine data infrastructure.
  • Sternum, VP of business development and Sales Arthur Braunstein, Israel: Real-time self-protection and self-monitoring for device manufacturers.

EBV Innovation Hero:

  • Dryad Networks GmbH,  CEO Carsten Brinkschulte, Germany: Early detection of wildfires using AI-enabled IoT gas sensors utilizing a large-scale solar-powered mesh network.
  • Orioma, CTO Philippe Ecrement, France: LOBX energy autonomous IoT product to manage energy, and security.
  • Perinet GmbH, General Manager Dr.-Ing. Karsten Walther, Germany: Industrial IoT system for secure communications in different use case scenarios.

ST Industrial Innovation Challenge:

  • Stratio, Founding CEO Jaehyung James Lee, United States: Low-cost, compact, and better performing Full HD SWIR sensors.
  • Tozero,  CEO & Co-Founder Sarah Fleischer, Germany:  Lithium-ion battery waste management.
  • Watersight, Director of Strategic Partnerships Michal Cooper, Israel: Real-time sensing device for water quality analysis and conditioned-based monitoring.

The live expert jury of the Innovation World Cup® at HANNOVER MESSE will determine the winners of the Industrial, Energy, Mobility, and Security categories, the EBV Innovation Hero powered by EBV Elektronik and the ST Industrial Innovation Challenge powered by STMicroelectronics.

The winners will be announced and awarded live from 17:50 – 18:00 CET.

Join us at the Pitch and Award Ceremony of the 14th Innovation World Cup® and we look forward to meeting you at HANNOVER MESSE!

Having missed the submission deadline? The 15th Innovation World Cup® is already open for submissions. Participation is free of charge. Further Information at: