Innovation World Cup® @WT Conference USA


Innovation World Cup® @WT Conference USA

September 3-4, 2024

Mountain View

Pin on your world map the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference USA on September 3-4 in Mountain View, USA, with the Innovation World Cup® Series!

Join us and the leading wearable tech players at the globally established WT|Wearable Technologies Conference, this time in the USA.

Innovation World Cup® partners and emerging start-ups will come together to present innovations in business, exchange cutting-edge ideas, and gain real-world knowledge in a two-day insightful conference. Extend the network with the top purchasers, leading manufacturers, and C-level executives.

Wearable tech start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs are invited to join the 16th Healthcare Innovation World Cup® or 16th Innovation World Cup and take the chance to showcase their solutions live to the North American wearable tech market. Will you become the next top wearable innovator?

Participation is free of charge. Deadline is June 14th.

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