I & T as in Industrial and Transport in IoT – Where is the transformation taking us?

When IoT and M2M technologies are embedded into materials and mechanical parts, more data can be gathered from multiple sensors.  Implementing Big data analysis and high-speed communication to industrial development is revolutionizing the ability to evaluate performance and follow valuable metrics. This enables the companies to enhance their efficiency and drive a solid automation of processes as well as self-diagnosing of the failures.  Let us present to you the companies that are making Industrial revolution smart, based on their extensive industrial understanding:

The mining activities poise a challenge in predicting their yield or failure. Heap Leach Mining by Scanimetrics Inc. is an IoT solution to assess heap leach operations and predict yield and failure. It also includes wireless hardware and data analyses. Due to the nature of the industry, the solution is made to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The mining industry could use this solution to optimize their operations and get deeper insights into their scope of efficiency.

Every asset has its wear and tear, leading to failure. IDIAG Battery by INTESENS is a connected solution that limits the failure of the critical assets. Based on a cloud solution and connected sensor, it increases the assets’ availability and optimizes maintenance operations. This solution could be used to increase the life of an asset, and enjoy the benefits that follow.

Industries aim to achieve optimum utilization of resources and prevent wastage. Show water consumption and trigger events on alarms by G. BERNHARDT’s Söhne Ges.m.b.H. reads out values from water meter and transport them. Their solution also gives a timeline of water consumption. This helps to spot irregularities in water consumption.

With large facilities to manage, many companies find it hard to monitor their steam traps. SteamIQ, Advanced Steam Trap Monitoring by SteamIQ enables large facilities to easily monitor their steam trap population for failure. Coming with a 7-year long battery life, and ultra-long range, this solution is easy to install and helps industries to react to unexpected failures of steam traps and save costs.

IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®’s Transport category embraces participants from both personal and commercial transport solutions. Envisioning a future filled with connected cars, smart means of transport and smart commercial logistics solutions, this year’s Innovation World Cup® invited participants to provide top-notch solutions that transform the transportation ecosystem. See who, the finalists are below:

Guaranteeing safe flights is a crucial factor to consider in the aviation industry. Blackbox in the cloud by Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. is a lightweight transponder that can be used to enhance the safety of the future in air and sea travels. It is easy to configure and install on aircrafts and sea vessels. Besides sending location, it can also be equipped to gather and send vital telemetry data.

There is a growing need for people to communicate with their vehicles. MiaLinkup by Sigma Smart Technologies, LLC is a smart solution that is secure and easy to use. The intuitive smartphone interface lets you connect to your car using a smartphone. This device makes the monitoring, controlling and diagnosing of your car remote. Transforming your relationship with your vehicle to a smarter one.

Ownership of a vehicle implies a lot of responsibility. MyClose aims to design, produce and distribute locks which can fully protect properties and vehicles with innovative features like worldwide tracking, monitoring, and alarming mobiles. This solution could be very useful to the personal transportation space, where safety is an alarming issue.

Amounts of traffic and safety issues of your vehicle are getting bigger day by day. NB IoT Bike Sharing by Ontel Bike is a smart device that uses latest technology to provide real-time information, warnings, and alerts, through a real-time data collection and analytical platform. This solution promises to enable Bike sharing and earn money through that. It also aims to address the problem of daily traffic congestions.

With these innovative and purposeful tech solutions, it will be a difficult task for the jury to decide the winner of Industrial and Transport categories of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2018. Be sure to join us on February 27th at the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18 Pitch and Award Ceremony at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and connect with these exciting companies together with the leading tech players, investors and IoT experts.

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