The Venios Energy Solution


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The Venios Energy Solution

Venios is an IT services company providing holistic software solutions tailored to the requirements of the energy industry. Based on our proprietary, cloud-based Geo Information System (GIS) and our extensive knowledge of big data systems, we are able to detect and analyze critical conditions in power grid infrastructure (including individual forecasts for all photovoltaic arrays in Germany with live data feeds).

The current power infrastructure was not designed for decentralized electricity generation and the resulting discontinuous feed-in from the low-voltage domain. It follows that the growing integration of renewable energy is increasingly leading to instability in the power grid. In order to tackle this problem and to minimize the costs associated with grid upgrades, Venios has developed the Venios Energy Solution (VES) with the needs of distribution and transmission system operators in mind. Our software is able to identify critical areas in the power grid and provides grid operators with the detail and grid transparency required to optimize both grid maintenance and expansion, while also enabling the control of intelligent grid components (e.g. variable transformer substations, energy storage systems, etc.).

Our solution helps system operators and other stakeholders to assess investments into power infrastructure and to find the optimum balance between investments in conventional grid upgrades and in the intelligent utilisation of existing infrastructure.