Dash – Drive Smart by Dash Labs, Inc


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Dash – Drive Smart by Dash Labs, Inc

Dash is a connected car platform, which makes any car a ‘smart car’. Often described as a ‘FitBit for driving’, the product is a hardware and software solution, that uses a low-cost, self-installed device that easily plugs into your car and allows you to connect your smartphone to the vehicle.

Dash combines data from the engine readings, with your smartphone sensors and your demographic data, together with information about weather, traffic and location. The intelligence and insights allow Dash to make driving safer, greener, more affordable and more social. Launched in the US first on Android, they are gearing up for their iOS and international launches next month. Already integrated with IFTTT, they are opening their API to third party developers this summer, which will allow enterprise partners, like insurance companies and fleet managers, to seamless leverage the driving data platform, or ‘automotive graph’.

Dash is a venture-backed, Techstars company, with investors including the CEOs of FourSquare, MakerBot and Path. The HQ is in New York City.