The IoT Innovators of tomorrow are here!

The most innovative IoT start-ups were chosen out of 940 submissions and the winners were awarded at the prestigious IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2018 Pitch & Award Ceremony at MWC in Barcelona.

Barcelona, 27th of February – An innovation fest! Embracing participants from all over the world, the IOT Innovation World Cup® 2018 has successfully concluded. To innovate and impress was definitely the topmost priority for these 32 finalists, and they did just that. Snatching the opportunity to present their ground-breaking IoT tech solutions on stage at the Pitch and Award ceremony of the IOT Innovation World Cup® 2018. Six categories were up for grabs, City | Retail | Home & Lifestyle | Healthcare | Industrial | Transport and our partners gave away two more special prizes: The LoRaWAN™ Challenge powered by LoRa Alliance™ and Gemalto’s Security Award.

…and the top IoT Innovators are….

The Winner of the LoRaWAN™ Challenge by LoRa Alliance™ is Tech4Race (France) with real-time live tracking solution for outdoor sport events:

Tech4Race provides a tracking solution for outdoor sports events with a GPS tracker and online tracking interfaces. Their innovation allows real-time monitoring of all participants in an outdoor sports event, irrespective of the duration it may last.

The Winner of the Security Award by Gemalto is iotech swiss (Switzerland) with COLIBRI:

COLIBRI is the first plug ‘n’ play AI based solution that makes flying safer. It can predict in advance, the conditions persistent in a flight’s operation that can possibly lead to accidents. Pilots are notified before it is too late to act upon.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “City” is digimondo GmbH (Germany) with Shaft monitor:

Digimondo’s Shaft monitor is a battery-operated devise that helps to monitor water level and temperature. It has many advantages like real-time feed of potential pipe damage, cost savings, long battery-life and strong signal penetration.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “Retail” is CM Systems LLC (United States) with Sensor Smart Kitchen:

CM Systems LLC’s cloud-based solution transmits data even in the environmentally challenged food service establishments. The compactness of these sensors make it easy for installation. It aims to prevent food wastage and reduce the risk of food-borne illness.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “Home & Lifestyle” is beexlab srl (Italy) with Al Bicchiere:

Al Bicchiere is a smart dispenser with IoT functions for wine in a bag. It provides solutions to the limitations of consuming a bottled wine and leads to the creation of new distribution channels in the wine industry. These new channels are expected to have more scope for innovative tech solutions.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “Healthcare” is StethoMe™ (Poland) with StethoMe™:

StethoMe™ is a noninvasive device that helps people to check their own health. It is a wireless stethoscope, which makes examining of health independent and accurate. Its sophisticated features, like contactless thermometer and smart algorithms, notify disturbances that may occur.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “Industrial” is G. BERNHARDT’s Söhne Ges.m.b.H (Austria) with Show water consumption and trigger alarms:

BERNHARDT’s Söhne Ges.m.b.H’s solution transmits water meter values. The data can be displayed as a report in relation to a timeline of water consumption every 15 minutes. This generates close to 100 values a day, which can be used to monitor water consumption and trigger alarms.

The IoT Innovator of the Year in “Transport” is MyClose (Italy) with MyClose:

MyClose has developed a smart lock with global communication skills. They design, produce and distribute locks that are able to fully protect properties and vehicles by worldwide tracking, full monitoring and mobile alarming.

Congratulations to all winners of the IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® 2018!

They are now part of the IOT Innovation World Cup®’s Hall of Fame.

The Innovation World Cup 18/19 kicked off and innovative solutions can be submitted from now on! More info:

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