A Special call for Breakthroughs and Empowering IoT solutions!

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18, initiated in 2003, contributes to recognizing the talent out there that has potential to enrich people’s lives and healthcare, improve cities, transport ecosystems and industrial infrastructures. After careful consideration and screening, our jury has boiled it down to 32 finalists, who will pitch their IoT solutions live on February 27. Not only do the finalists have the privilege of presenting their innovations in front of the Mobile World Congress tech audience, but also have the chance to win prizes worth over $500,000. Our finalists are competing in Barcelona for the LoRaWAN™ Challenge by LoRa Alliance™ and the Security Award from Gemalto.

The LoRaWAN™ Challenge powered by our partner LoRa Alliance™ welcomes breakthrough LoRaWAN™ enabled solutions that are determined to shake the IoT field and wish to become part of the LoRa Alliance member ecosystem. See who the finalists of the LoRaWAN™ challenge are:

There is an alarming need for proactive detection of failures in air and sea travel. Blackbox in the cloud by Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise, Inc. is a lightweight transponder that makes air and sea travel safe. It is easy to configure and install this solution on aircrafts and sea vessels and besides sending location, it can also gather and send vital telemetry data.

Cities developing with a lot of pace are posing a challenge to understand air quality. Global Environmental Monitoring Network by MagnaSCI SRL is an IoT device equipped with sensors for Air Quality monitoring of the cities, offices, and home. It is a global network present in +40 countries and can generate uniform and comparable data. They enable a comprehensive view of the surrounding pollution problem.

Predominantly insulin is the method adopted to tackle diabetes; to enhance the use of insulin pens we have Insulclock, a system based on a device that monitors diabetes treatment, with an insulin pen, which allows insulin dependent diabetes patient to monitor insulin administering. Insulcloud S.L. is a pharmaceutical technology-based startup, pioneering in developing next-generation devices and digital solutions based on R&D for monitoring chronic diseases.

Every event organizer likes to monitor the participants during the event, here Real-time tracking solution by Tech4Race allows live monitoring of all participants, irrespective of the duration of the event and for all types of outdoor sports. This is one of the game changers in transforming the experience of an outdoor event.

Uncertain operational failures are the last thing any industry wants. SteamIQ enables large facilities to easily monitor their steam trap population for failure. Coming with a 7-year long battery life, and ultra-long range, this solution is also easy to install. This helps industries to react to unexpected failures of steam traps and save costs and effort.

Security is critical, be it a home or a business unit. TABS by TrackNet is a unique home security and tracking solution. TrackNet offers solutions that provide 10 times more coverage and battery life of traditional wireless LAN technologies. They have solutions for individual consumers and businesses, by providing home security and environmental monitoring functions with the added benefit of extended coverage outdoors too.

Security Award by Gemalto encourages the contestants to build empowering IoT designs that make a difference in today’s world. Creating IoT innovations that establish customers’ trust when it comes to data exchange/privacy is crucial for the future development of a connected world, indicating the importance of this award.

With many advancements in air traffic, safety is still a major concern, COLIBRI by iotech swiss is the first plug and play AI based solution created to save pilots’ and passengers’ lives, and improve flight quality. The company is bringing into the market integrated hardware and software solutions that help to identify, analyze and predict unwanted conditions that might lead to accidents.

It is important to know how the environment is changing with the advancements we bring to it; Global Particle Matter Pollution Live Tracking by appropos GmbH is a solution that provides high quality, scalable and affordable environmental data. Their team has an extensive experience in working with embedded systems and software development.

Shopping is an experience in itself, but it is also necessary for it to be secure and cost-effective; Pagita by Pagita Srl is a tech solution that helps connect existing automatic vending machines and transform them to modern digital point of sales. This solution supports automatic vending companies in reducing their operating costs and the risk of storing cash in remote areas. They envision making the shopping experience in future both automatic and secure by enabling digital services for monitoring payment and marketing.

A new person is like new technology, understanding and carefully nurturing them is important for growth. Smart-Cot by Nachshon is designed to detect risk factor in infants under 1 year old. Nurturing a child, in today’s world, is very scary and every development of the child has to be monitored, to be able to provide the right care. This smart solution promises to enable anxiety free parenting in the future.

Resources are scarce and optimization is the route to efficiency; WeavAir deals with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAS) systems. These systems form the largest component in building energy usage and carbon emissions. WeavAir aims to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of HVAC systems through networked sensors. It is also applicable to vehicles and industrial operations.

These finalists are now getting ready for the elevator-pitching round with their solutions to transform monitoring, improve safety ecosystems, and disrupt current trends in technology. However, there can be only one winner for each prize. Who will they be?  Join us on February 27th at the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® 2017/18 Pitch and Award Ceremony at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona to find out and connect with these exciting game-changers!

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