Promising cloud solutions – the finalists of the Cloud Innovation World Cup

Herrsching/Munich, 03 June 2014After an exciting evaluation phase 18 auspicious cloud solutions have been chosen as aspirants for the title “Cloud Innovator of the Year”. The finalists of the first Cloud Innovation World Cup 2013/2014 have submitted their innovative cloud solutions in the categories ICT Business Services, Urban Infrastructure, Smart Living, Industry 4.0, Mobility, and for the special prizes “Evolve Insurance Award” and “Geo Award”. The quality of the solutions received provides an insight into the connected future of all areas of life – public, professional and private. The overall winner will be among these promising submissions:

Finalists Category ICT Business Services:

Application Modernization by Appzero – the only tool to modernize business applications by separating the application from the operating system and moving it to a new operating system in either the datacenter or the cloud. It is cloud-independent, hypervisor agnostic and perfectly suited for modernization of the operating system and the supporting infrastructure.

Making remote working secure, resilient and reliable by Polkast – creates a super-fast, secure, direct connection between your computers and mobile devices, for anytime access to virtually unlimited storage. With on-premises file storage, permission access, and remote wipe capabilities, Polkast provides a high-security business solution for store/access/share.

RingCentral cloud phone system by RingCentral – a complete cloud business communications solution.  It keeps employees connected to customers and colleagues no matter where they are working, and regardless of the device they are working on – their smartphone, tablet, computer or desk phone.

Finalists Category Urban Infrastructure:

Digital Delta by IBM – a breakthrough innovation program harnessing insights from Big Data to transform flood control and the management of the entire Dutch water system. The program is in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry for Water), local Water Authority Delfland, Deltares Science Institute and the University of Delft.

Intelligent Lighting Control System by Dazzletek– a wireless system that is able to monitor, switch and dim any lighting object that is controlled by ballast. The system consists of: lighting control modules, which are placed inside the luminaire and are connected via a radiofrequency signal.

Venios Energy Solution (VES) by Venios GmbH – Combining measured data with scalable big data models, VES provides a real-time state estimation of the distribution grid that is realized and aggregated in a cloud-based Geographic Information System (GIS).

Finalists Category Smart Living:

Contexta CARE by Contexta Evo SA. – a sophisticated system that enables close monitoring of a person’s normal activity in her/his living environment. It can preventively detect situations that might evolve into a potentially dangerous outcome and actively signal critical events, e.g. falls.

MEDESK Cloud Healthcare Platform by MEDESK – a cloud healthcare platform that captures and securely stores patient medical data from any source or provider allowing for integrated healthcare delivery. It is a fully featured ecosystem for the private healthcare market that facilitates the collaboration of all the major players – clinics, patients, CROs, employers, insurance companies, and medical device vendors.

Teddy the Guardian by ID GUARDIAN LTD – an individually designed and completely organic plush teddy bear with built-in medical sensors that track parameters including heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and stress levels and send recorded values using wireless technologies to tablet or web applications.

Finalists Category Industry 4.0:

Industrial Automation Services as part of the Cloud by InIT: A Proposal for Control-as-a-Service Solution – introducing a loosely coupled cloud platform which hosts different automation applications with respect to some requirements such as reliability and security. A virtual network connects virtual appliances to physical devices and meanwhile applies security policies.

rapidM2M – Wireless cloud-based M2M Technology by Microtronics Engineering GmbH – a wireless, cloud-based M2M technology customers can use worldwide to easily integrate M2M technology into various devices and machines. rapidM2M addresses manufacturers who are not familiar with M2M data transmission and application management tasks.

TestChameleon by Testbirds GmbH – an innovative on-demand solution providing every imaginable platform for manual and automated software testing. Customers can simulate any kind of hardware or software configuration remotely within seconds in order to test their websites and applications.

Finalists Category Mobility:

Dash – Drive Smart by Dash Labs Inc – an exciting new entry in the field of connected-car solutions. Dash connects any car with smartphones and unlocks enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving. The simple, low-cost device – call an On Board Diagnostic or OBD – can be self-installed under the steering wheel and connects phone and vehicle, by pairing via Bluetooth.

PARKNAV – Street Parking Reinvented by Al Incube Inc – an on-street parking solution which optimizes the search for available parking in today´s metropolitan areas. With PARKNAV drivers save up to 70% of their time spent searching for street parking. PARKNAV also shows information on parking areas available close to a specific location.

Transportation Mobile Ticketing by CoreThree – a cloud based mobile platform solution for its numerous transportation mobile apps. These apps allow passengers to view live service information and purchase a mobile ticket to access public transport across the UK.

Finalists Special Prize “Evolve Insurance Award” by Allianz Digital Accelerator

Dash – Drive Smart s. finalists Mobility

GoOpti by TM Vista d.o.o. – Intelligent passenger transportation – a disruptive system of smart passenger transportation, assisted by cloud services which makes travel affordable. GoOpti services utilize cloud demand responsive services based on yield management concepts using their own mathematical optimization models and specialized ERP system and many other innovative ideas

MEDESK Cloud Healthcare Platform s. finalists Smart Living

Personal Health Dashboard by Mondevices – an innovative cloud system to store, and to make sense of bio data collected from all upcoming wearable tech devices, collecting activity data and correlating with HR data to give recommendations to employees on how to improve their health.

Finalists Geo Award by CloudEO

Dash – Drive Smart s. finalists Mobility

Maps BI by Maps BI Inc. – a web-based SaaS system, that brings together mapping, business intelligence and community in one platform. Regardless of business sector or organization Maps BI gives you visualization and spatial understanding of your data in an expedient manner.

Venios Energy Solution (VES)™ s. finalists Urban Infrastructure

The winners of each category and the overall winner will be awarded at the official award ceremony during the Cloud World Forum in the Olympia National Hall London, on June 17, 2014. Get more information here

About Cloud Innovation World Cup

Initiated by Navispace, the Innovation World Cup Series was first launched in 2009. The Cloud Innovation World Cup aims to foster innovative solutions and applications for cloud computing. Contestants from all over the world are welcome to submit their cloud solutions and applications. An international panel of industry experts will select the most innovative solutions according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

Partners of the Cloud Innovation World Cup are EuroCloud, SIIA, Allianz Digital Accelerator, CloudEO, Gemalto, Cloud World Forum, IoT World View, Continua Health Alliance, Wearable Technologies, and MEDICA. Regional Partners include Cluster 55, Taitra, Team Cote D’Azur, Comm4Innov, Innovative City, CSEM, Alp ICT, Communication World, and Plug and Play Tech Center.

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