Here are the TOP12 Medical Start-ups 2020!

Munich/Düsseldorf, October 2020.

The 9th MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION (until 2019: MEDICA App COMPETITION) received over a hundred of submissions from 33 nations. Healthcare start-ups entered their solutions in AI in healthcare, diagnostics, health apps and robotics.


AI in healthcare

  • diafyt MedTech, Germany: diafyt Guide – AI-learning insulin demand and making suggestions for insulin dosage
  • Radiobotics, Denmark: RBknee™ – Decision supporting tool for automatic identification of osteoarthritis
  • Voiceitt, Israel: Voiceitt – AI-driven automatic speech recognition for individuals with dysarthria


  • BeFC, France: BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells – A sustainable paper-based energy source for low-power connected devices
  • inveox, Germany: inveox – Pathologie 4.0 – Digitization and automation to histopathology labs for reliable cancer diagnostics
  • PKvitality, France: K’Watch – Continuous glucose monitoring smartwatch

Health apps

  • Be My Eyes, Denmark: Be My Eyes – Mobile app utilizing WebRTC video call technology for remote visual assistance
  • Dermanostic, Germny: Dermatologist via app
  • Mediktor, Spain: AI-based medical assistant for triage, prediagnosis and decision-making support


  • ETH Zürich, Switzerland: MYLEG – Non-invasive sensory feedback to improve MobilitY and to promote cognitive prosthesis integration in people with LEG amputation
  • H Robotics, South Korea: Home rehabilitation device using robot technology and smart home rehabilitation service platform
  • UniExo, Ukraine: UniExo – Rehab service with modular robotic exoskeleton


Who will be the winners of the 9th MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION? Benefit from MEDICA’s profound network of health tech & MedTech leading corporates, researchers, investors, and partners from over 170 countries. Cash prizes are worth up to 3.500 Euro. 

See you at the official pitch & award ceremony on Tuesday, 17 November, 14:00 – 16:00 CET, in the online Conference Area at virtual.MEDICA.

Registration is required, and the livestream will be available free of charge.

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Behind the scenes 
The MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION initiated by Messe Düsseldorf and organized by Navispace GmbH is the international leading competition in healthcare innovations. The objective is to drive innovation for use in the daily routine of patients and doctors around the globe. Particiaption is free of charge.
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Hanh Nguyen | Program Planner

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